Coral reef wallpaper
Coral reef wallpaper

Coral reef wallpaper

Starting from €70,00+VAT/m2


Make your walls come to life with the extraordinarily unique Coral Reef Wallpaper resistant and durable, combined with certified washable and non-flammable material. Fish united with coral reef and seahorses, an essence of ocean life, swimming next to each other, providing you an incredibly realistic feature pasted across your wall as you dive through the aquatic life.

It caresses your mind's tender conscience – an illusionary image dizzying you and deporting you into a mysterious underwater world. A treat to your adventurous child's eyes; this Wallpaper builds your living room as a creative sanctuary to harness your mind into releasing its innovative juices.

Acting as a relieving sight amidst a harsh day full of work and shuffling from one task to another – just the look of it provides a pleasant vacation to your otherwise busy mind.

1 roll size: width cm49 X height cm 294

Material: W52430 Inspire Wallpaper Satin 130. Produced by Felix Schoeller Group
Lamination: Decal Finish 70.80 Premium Lamination
Weight: 134 g / m²
Thickness: 175 μm + 80 μm
Reaction to fire class: B-s1-d0
Certifications: FSC, PEFC
Does not contain pvc or plasticizers


Describe the kind of project you need and size of the walls to cover and we will contact you as soon as possible with an esimated price.

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