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Bocciamatta Prosecco is a true work of Italian art in a bottle produced by Straitalian.
Its name, meaning "crazy bottle," is fitting for the exclusive collaboration with Aquatic Creatures by Riccardo Capuzzo.
Each bottle features characters from the Searcus, a sea circus, bringing a touch of extravagance to the elegant design of the bottle.

But the beauty of Bocciamatta doesn't stop at its stylish handmade design.
The bottle itself is a reusable piece of home decor, perfect for displaying in any setting.
And for those looking for the perfect gift, the bottle can even be personalized with a note written on its smooth surface.

Venetian limestone, sandstone and clay give the grapes their unmistakable notes of personality.
Sip and savour the crisp, refreshing taste of Bocciamatta Prosecco while admiring the captivating design.

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Soft cold crushing and pressing. Refermentation method: 40 days in Stainless Steel tank. Charmat method

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