Legendary tuna wallpaper

Legendary tuna wallpaper

Starting from €70,00+VAT/m2


This enchanting Tuna entails amazing stories about the legends of the sea. It is told that it lived in a deep-sea cave, into which it would shut himself behind closed doors of coral. It is said that when Tuna was hungry, it would swim through the ocean shadows, always watching the restless surface. When a canoe passed above him, it would devour the boatmen and seize their treasures.

The Tuna Wallpaper is unmoving yet feels in motion. The design entailing the legendary fish takes up little wall space but provides a beautiful blend of simplicity and detail. Complete with its durably resistant style, protected by stains, fire, scratches, and damages for your fiercely artistic child, this neat pasting comes with a non-flammable certificate to be used as decorative material for various places.

A minimalistic view of mysterious Tuna fish waddling through your walls forces you to rummage through your mind to grasp the abstraction.

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1 roll size: width cm49 X height cm 294

Material: W52430 Inspire Wallpaper Satin 130. Produced by Felix Schoeller Group
Lamination: Decal Finish 70.80 Premium Lamination
Weight: 134 g / m²
Thickness: 175 μm + 80 μm
Reaction to fire class: B-s1-d0
Certifications: FSC, PEFC
Does not contain pvc or plasticizers


Describe the kind of project you need and size of the walls to cover and we will contact you as soon as possible with an esimated price.

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