Pinocchio acrylglass
Pinocchio acrylglass
Pinocchio acrylglass
Pinocchio acrylglass

Pinocchio acrylglass

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Relive your fondest childhood memories with this exquisite design carrying you to the wonderment of your childhood fairytales. The Pinocchio Acrylic Glass has an illustration of a giant whale that takes you back to the dramatic scene where Pinocchio travels deep into the ocean to find the whale that swallowed up his father.

Like something out of the famous Carlo Collodi fairy tale, the delicate acryl glass with a black alu dibond core is both classic and mysterious.

Hand illustrated and sized just fittingly at 75 x 100 cm – this visual piece of art is great to hang above your bed frame or in your lounge. With its unique illustration and catchy, attention-seeking details, the image calls out to its viewers as if cajoling interest.

Due to high-quality acrylic glass obtained from a single cast, all artworks reach a flawless surface. The illustrations shines behind the crystal clear plastic glass in particularly vibrant colors.

Printing as a laboratory-quality digital photo print provides the best resolution for the originally hand-painted artworks. This photo print is precisely laminated to the acrylic glass and sealed with an aluminium base. Luminosity and color depth of your subject remain permanently secured.

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