The idea is to draw attention to a specific place.

These illustrations represent aquatic animals seen through a fantastic and extravagant lens, the hyperbole of an enchanting marine world that we should know and safeguard.

I describe the subjects, imagined and sketched on flying sheets, to a team of illustrators who will outline all the details. All illustrations are hand-made using a pencil and then refined with China ink.

A high-resolution scan follows, to faithfully maintain the visual characteristics of the hand drawing.
In giving birth to the characters, I try to imagine their personality, how they would interact with each other, and who could appreciate them. Above all, I wonder if children might like them - the only ones who can really change things, in water as well as on earth.

Hence the idea of bringing the aquatic creatures onto the plates and making lunch or dinner a playful experience even for the very young.

A moment open to imagination, to the creation of stories about a new world in a fruitful interaction between food and drawings.

Music is an essential element in the creation of an alternative world where beauty is contemplated. The reason why some of these marine beings are accompanied by a series of dedicated piano compositions.