Shark Zeppelin acrylglass
Shark Zeppelin acrylglass

Shark Zeppelin acrylglass

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This stunning illustration features a creature that is half shark, half zeppelin, soaring through the clouds with grace and power.

Imagine waking up to this majestic beast hovering outside your window, ready to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. The vibrant colors and dynamic composition of this print will bring a sense of wonder and excitement to any room.

Due to high-quality acrylic glass obtained from a single cast, all artworks reach a flawless surface. The illustrations shine behind the crystal clear plastic glass in particularly vibrant colors.

Printing as a laboratory-quality digital photo print provides the best resolution for the originally hand-painted artworks. This photo print is precisely laminated to the acrylic glass and sealed with an aluminium base. The luminosity and color depth of your subject remain permanently secured.

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