Narwhal Horse plate
Narwhal Horse plate
Narwhal Horse plate
Narwhal Horse plate

Narwhal Horse plate

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The Narwhal horse design neatly rendered on the delicate plate adds just the perfect essence of imagination to your culinary experience.

This beautiful unicorn of the sea is one of the many mythical creatures that make you wonder about the sea world's mysteries. Enjoy the sip of the evening tea with biscuits served on this uniquely printed delicate plate and feel the calm of the sea in your soul while just gazing over this mystical horse. Let your meals be more enjoyable with untold stories of the sea, as your guests talk about this unique serving plate.

The Narwhal horse highlighted delicately on the white plate stands out from every other cutlery collection due to its unique beauty and promises to lead you into a fascinating realm. Made in Fine China Porcelain, this smooth sailing design does not boast or flaunt its magic, rather deports you into a mysterious island while you relish mouthwatering meals.

With a mix of narwhal, the arctic fish’s head, and sea horse’s body, this sea unicorn poses different meanings to various people, each focusing on a separate element of the design. Enticing and mysterious, it speaks to you as if beckoning you to pay attention.

Diameter: 27cm

Delivery time: 7 days

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